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Welcome to Our NEW cut-ready Clipart deSIGN Store and Live Clipart Concept

We at Clipart deSIGN have been working with vector designs for vinyl and CNC cutting for over 25 years. Since 2002 we have been creating unique collections with vector images for vinyl, cnc, laser and plasma cutting. Cut ready graphics have become our specialty.

Over the years we have created nearly 100 000 designs. And with our current team we keep creating new images with the speed of 500-1000 per month.

Everyone who owns a vinyl cutter, cnc router, laser cutter and engraver or a plasma cutter can benefit from the vast range of our cut-ready designs.

On this New web store we are exploring a new concept of delivering our designs. We call this concept "Live Clipart". What this means is that on addition to our fixed collections with thematic clipart images we will be offering "live clipart collections" which means you can now buy a collection that is constantly being updated with fresh new designs. This can be done trough a monthly or a yearly subscription to a specific collection, or the whole web store for that matter, or you can do a one-time purchase of a life collection where you will get lifetime updates with new images added to this collection.

And our current dedication is to add 500-1000 new images monthly to our store content. In some cases we might add 2000-3000 images in a given month, but this would be rather sporadic, while we dedicate to maintain the minimum of 500 and the optimum of 1000 new designs goal. These images will flow each month in our current collections or if we open up a new theme some of them will become a part of a new collection.

In any case if you are subscribed to the whole Live Clipart Store, you will be getting it all.

We are also open to suggestions and request for new cut-ready designs, that you may need and are not able to find in our current content. While we can promise to consider all suggestions and requests, we can not promise to deliver on them all, because we have moral and ethical constrains in regards to the type of content we can and cannot create.

In any case you can request new designs within the current theme and style of our current collections, and these we most likely will be able to deliver as part of the Live Collection, without you having to pay for a custom job. And this is one of the benefits of being a subscriber to a Live Clipart Collection.

Should you have any questions or requests, do not hesitate to contact us.

The Clipart deSIGN Team.