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Our team has been working very hard to provide another ultimate source of vector graphics. Now we are pleased to present one of the largest and richest ever collection of icons, symbols, pictograms and logo design concepts!

We believe that this package is a must have for every designer, sign maker, creative professional or home crafter. Read below to find out why:

:: Quantity - this package has been created with very generous attitude. This bundle counts exactly 15,870 high quality vector images ready for professional and home crafting use. You will enjoy icons in abundance like never before.

:: Quality - despite the huge number of images, there is no compromise with the high quality standards Clipart deSIGN subscribes. We believe you will be amazed at the vector perfection these images possess.

:: Diversity - we made sure our customers will have abundance of styles and categories to choose from. There are over 200 thematic collections and more than 40 visual styles included in this package.

:: Logo Design - another great feature of this package is over 2000 conceptual and inspirational logo designs, concepts and ideas. You can either use the ready to go designs or customize them for your customer's needs.

:: Professional - why we call our art professional? Check out the properties of our images to find out why:

  • Machine Cutting Ready - our images are intentionally prepared for vinyl cutting. This means closed paths, no overlaps, no crossed lines, no intersecting objects. Perfect for signage, laser cutting, routing and all kinds of design cutting jobs.

  • Optimized - we made sure to optimize and reduce the point numbers of our vectors - this way they will cut faster and smoother and if used in flash they will have much smaller size than usual.

  • Exquisite - perfection of detail and exquisiteness of line is what we pay special attention to. We believe our images are one of the most exquisite and perfected vectors you have ever seen.

  • Clean - you will enjoy very clean details and will find how easy is to edit images as clean as these.

:: Pricing - no greed stands behind our pricing. Generosity and desire to provide great value for money. No doubt 15,870 professional designs for $96 is more than a bargain!

Thematic category: Icons, Pictograms, Symbols, Logos

Subcategories included: 200+

Number of images: 15870

Number of vector points: Reduced

Vinyl, laser and plasma cutting: Professional level ready

File formats included: SVG, EPS, CDR, AI, DXF, PNG

Media: Electronic Download

Extras: Full color PDF catalog

You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (907MB)
  • ZIP (24MB)
  • ZIP (22MB)
  • ZIP (82MB)
  • ZIP (204MB)
  • ZIP (345MB)
  • ZIP (156MB)

Ultimate Icons MEGA PACK Full Catalog: