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Have a raster image that you need in cuttable vector? Need it clean? And fast?


Every sign shop needs to vectorize customer logos and graphics. Not only to vectorize them, but to make them cuttable and clean. This is often a task too hard not only for newbies but for the more experienced as well. Plus it takes valuable time to perform such a work.

That's why we have started this service. To offer fast, clean and cuttable raster to vector conversion at a fair and reasonable price.

We use HAND TRACING instead of automated. There is almost nothing we can't vectorize, no matter how bad the source graphic is. However, we advise you to send us the best quality image that you can get, because if the image is of poor quality it will increase the time and the price for its conversion.

Below we list our example prices. They are just approximate. The price of every image is estimated when we see it. It often is lower or sometimes higher than our aproximate prices.

1. Basic, simple images in single color $7 + $3 for every additional color
2. Medium complicated images in single color $10-$12 + $5-$6 for every additional color
3. Complicated, detailed images in single color $20 - $40 + $8 - $12 for every additional color
* Poor source images could increase the prices
** If you are going to scan some graphic use our Tips for Scanning
*** Regular customers gets discounts up to 20% for this service and our other products.
**** Usually it takes up to 24 hours to fill an order, but we can do it much faster if requested, for a bit higher price.

You can download examples of the quality work that we produce >>

to send your images for price quotation or just use our Support Forum

Quick Tips for Scanning and Saving your Images for Vectorizing.

1. If you have several sources use the best one. If you can get a better image, please get it!

2. If you scan a black & white image or if you will need a black & white cuttable conversion - use "16 bit B/W Photo Grayscale" and 300 (but not less than 200) dpi

3. If you scan a color image that you want to cut out of multiple colors of vinyl, use "24 bit Color Photo" and 300 (but not less than 200) dpi

4. Always save as a JPEG (JPG) file format (Not BMP!!). Set the compression ratio from 12 to 40 in the JPEG file saving options dialogue. Thus you will get a smaller file to send over the Internet with good enough quality for cuttable vectorization.

NOTE: We do NOT work with images for vector tracing related to pornography, the occult, satanism, the martial arts, racism, or any images that pertain to what is evil, erotic, violent, demonic, and such like.

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"Outstanding work... u.. da.. MAN!!" /Chuck Cobb, DeMotte, Indiana/

"That is awesome! Wow 4 hours, would have took me 4 days!!" /Scott Phillips. Dallas, Ga./

"That is just plain AWESOME ... you have a wonderful gift!"/Sherri Smail, Vinyl Specialties, Killbuck, Ohio/

"You do some amazing work." /Todd Fiebranz,
TFG Custom Vinyl Lettering/

"Great work and fast too. My hat's off to you, you definitely know your trade!" /Bob Piano, Rough Water Designs, Allentown, PA /

"I am so impressed, 20 minutes and where are the zillion nodes?" /Donna L. Scott, CvL GRAPHICS, Tampa, Florida"

"That was GREAT !!!" Whit Fink, FINK SIGNS, Corsicana Texas/

"I like the quality of your work and your fast turn around" /Del Dingle, Waynesboro, PA/

"That hot rods logo was amazing....... I was working with a friend's free vectorization of this logo and I did manage to get it to look decent but the quality was not as clear and percise as yours. ...and so fast too." /Dave Salonen, DZine GraphX, Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada /

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