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Please read the following information that is intended to help you to have a pleasant and smooth transaction.



Our goods and services are sold through, Inc who is an authorized retailer of Clipart deSIGN. 2Checkout (aka 2CO) is certified by the Better Business Bureau ( for its reliability and we are contracted and certified seller of Inc. All credit card details will be kept on's secure server and will never be revealed to anyone from Clipart deSIGN.

Click to Verify

To make sure that you are visiting a secure server while buying, take a look at the information that your browser is showing in the bottom right corner. You should be able to locate a little padlock, as shown below, double click on it to view 2Checkout's secure certificate.


PayPal Payment

All of our products are set up for purchase from 2CO, however PayPal payment is available upon request. Clipart deSIGN is a verified PayPal vendor. Click on the seal below to verify.

New: We are updating our pages to include the PayPal payment method as a default option. If you choose to pay with PayPal your order will be approved and processed faster.

Official PayPal Seal



All of our prices are listed in USD, however if you will use Visa or Master Card for payment, you will be able to pay in your local currency. The following currencies are supported:


Digital Check (Currently Disabled)

We accept also payments by Digital Check. Paying by check does delay your order, as the order will not be fulfilled until the funds clear your bank account. It typically takes 10 business days for a check to clear.

In order to pay by check you must have a US personal or business checking account.



Every order is subject to manual fraud review by 2Checkout's professional fraud analysts, and then it again will be reviewed by us, before processing. Our products are available for immediate download after purchase, however the downloadable zip file is protected by complicated up to 20 symbols long password. The password will be send only after the order is manually approved by 2Checkout and us. If the order will be found to be fraudulent, the money will be refunded and the password never will be sent.

To ensure that your order will not be taken for fraudulent by mistake, please follow these instructions:

- When inputting your order, do not use a free email address ( yahoo, hotmail, etc. ) if at all practical. Free email accounts are often used by credit card thieves and are therefore viewed with additional suspicion. That suspicion can cause a delay in the fulfillment of your order or its possible cancellation.

We are using power tools to check if the e-mail provided is anonymous even if the e-mail service provider is not as well known to provide free services as yahoo and the like. We will never share your e-mail with a third party. It will be used by us only to communicate with you in connection with our products and services. We still can approve orders placed with free e-mail, but we advise you to use such a one ONLY if you no not have any other.

- Use real phone number that is connected with the card holder's name (if possible), but in all cases use phone number that we can reach you on it. In many cases we do call the buyer to verify the order.

If we would be unable to verify that the phone number has anything to do with the card holder, we will request another phone number that does. And if the buyer will fail to provide such a phone number, the order most likely will be canceled.

- Do not use an anonymous proxy to place the order. Your IP address will be examined if it comes from any anonymous proxy, and if so, it is most likely that we will cancel such an order.


Download Link

The download link(s) will be manually sent at the e-mail address you used to place the order.

It may take awhile before you receive this e-mail because we process our orders manually to avoid fraud. Usually it takes 2-3 hours before you receive the download links if your order is placed within our working time. However if there are some fraud suspicions associated with your order, it may take up to 24 or even 48 hours before you get the download links.

Fraud suspicions may arise as a result of one or more of the following reasons:

- your IP address is in a different country or state than the billing address.

- invalid phone number is used.

- an anonymous(free) e-mail is used with your order.

Every order that we find to be fraudulent, will be canceled, and the money will be refunded against the credit card used.

Our product's packages are mostly between 3 and 30 Mb in size. When you download the product you will be able to read all the documentation in the zip file, but you will not be able to open the EPS /AI files, nor the vector PDF catalog, without the password.


Download Help

If you experience difficulty to download your product with the provided link, we would suggest that you take advantage of the free download manager available at that can manage and speed up your download and even resume the download if your Internet is being disconnected during the download.



When your order passes the above mentioned fraud reviews, we will send you the unlocking password. Usually it takes from 3 to 24 hours until you receive your password. If the order is decided to be fraudulent the money will be refunded and no password will be sent.

In MS Windows (TM) when you receive your password, go to the downloaded package and right click on it. From the menu chose Extract All...

The Extraction Wizard will start. Then press Next > until you are prompted to put the password:

Put the provided password, and click OK, then press Next > until the extraction wizard finishes its work. Go to the folder you have extracted the images and enjoy your product.

Alternatively you can use your favorite unzip program to unzip and unlock the package. If you do not have one yet WinZip is a good shareware, that you can use.

Live Help

If you have more questions, please check the image below if there is an Operator available online and click on it for a live chat.


Contact Us

If you have any further questions about our products, services or your purchase, please contact us, using the online contact form, or


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