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Become an Affiliate

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We are looking for partners who are willing to benefit from our extensive and ever growing product line. If you have a web site you can join Clipart deSIGN affiliate program and earn money by promoting our products on your site.

If your site is graphics, sign making, screen printing or automotive related, you can benefit a great deal!

We offer 3 levels deep system, and we will pay you 20% per sale, 3% from the sales of the second tier who has been referred to our affiliate program by you, and 2% from the sales of the third tier.

To protect our highly regarded brand name from abuse and harm we will manually approve every candidate for affiliate, that will sign up.

Our system also requires manual approval of every sale generated from an affiliate, to protect from the increasing fraud activity. We guarantee that you will be paid for every genuine sale you will generate!

Having in mind that the pricing of our products is in the range of $50 - $200 USD, you will be able to earn $10 - $40 USD per single sale, by just putting some extra code on your web site!

You can promote our products using great diversity of text links and banners, but you can also use our product images as banners to promote specific product. All these are available at the affiliate control panel.

We will pay you by US bank check, every month if your current monthly balance is $100 or more. You can specify higher minimum payment amount in your affiliate control panel.

NOTE: Currently we do not accept for affiliate members web sites that are in a language other than English, French, Spanish or German. However if your web site does not meet these requirements, but you are willing us to consider your application anyway, please contact us with a description of your web site before signing up, and we will contact you as soon as we can.

If you are interested in our affiliate program, please click here, or on the image below to sign up, and we will be pleased to review your application. You will be notified for your aproval and provided with further instructions and support.

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